Custom Glass is proud
to introduce the next
generation window
glass for all year round comfort and energy saving for your home.

Custom Glass is proud to introduce the next generation window glass for all year round comfort and energy saving for your home.

The Glass Unit for All Seasons

With our Custom Ambient Glass, your double glazing can be taken to the next level with our dual coated technology. Custom Ambient Glass allows a good amount of light to enter the room whilst at the same  time controlling the natural heat from the sun, preventing overheating in the summer and reducing excessive heat loss during colder periods. Used alongside high performing roof glass, Custom Ambient Glass in your windows can help maintain a constant temperature and provide year-round comfort. The high light transmittance of the glass also lessens the requirement for interior lighting during daylight hours, helping to cut your energy costs and carbon footprint. This is why we call the Custom Ambient Glass "The Glass for all Seasons

Custom Ambient which has an unbeatable U value of 1.0, has a dual coating on the inside of the double glazed unit (face 2), consisting of a solar control coating plus a low-e coating. The solar control coating reflects the suns rays away from your window, which keeps your room cooler in summer. The low-e coating reflects the heat generated by your radiators back into your room, keeping you warmer in Winter. The additional cost of fitting Custom Ambient Glass over an A-rated unit will be more than covered by the savings you will make on your energy bills over the lifetime of the unit.

*Based on a unit construction of 4mm custom ambient toughened / 16mm argon filled cavity / 4mm clear toughened

We are so proud of our unique Custom Ambient Glass, that only authentic custom ambient double glazed units carry our logo.

Fit the next generation double glazed units into YOUR home and save money on your energy bills. Enjoy cool rooms in Summer and warm toasty rooms in Winter. Speak with your window installer or salesperson and demand they supply you with Custom Ambient, the glass for all seasons.

The benefits of using Custom Ambient Dual Coated Glass







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