From fire resistant glass
to anti-bandit glass, Custom Glass has been supplying special laminates for decades.

The Pyro Range of Laminated
Glass’s offer differing degrees
of fire attack protection of up
to 30, 60 and 90 minutes for both
internal and external applications
in Doors and Windows.

Fire Resistant Glass

The Pyro Range has a metallic coating of exceptional clarity and quality which allows for a consistent performance in locations where fire rated glass is required.
The pyro range laminated glass’s offer different degrees of fire attack protection of up to 30,60 & 90 minuets for both internal and external applications in doors and windows

Anti-Bandit Glass

This particular glass specification ranges in thickness from 7.5mm to 21mm and will withstand sustained manual force in locations where specific defence or protection is required.

Anti-Bandit Glass serves as an integral part of secured buildings, especially for the windows on the ground levels. The anti-bandit glass is burglary-proof, which makes it ideal for securing high value commercial items. It is designed as an impact resistant glass, specially crafted with glass-polymer composites engineered to withstand very high levels of physical attack. Anti-Bandit glass is a laminated safety glass which offers differing combination and thickness of glass and interlayers to combat against intentional impact like break-ins or robbery.

The benefits of using Special Laminates




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