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Self Cleaning Solar Controlled High Performance Roof Glass

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Choosing the right high performance roof glass for any conservatory or orangery is the most important element in ensuring your new home improvement can be used all year round. There are many things to consider including location, temperature control, maintenance, aesthetics and durability.
The Clearview range has been developed with world leading glass manufacturers to ensure that a broad choice of specialist glazing is available to cater for all tastes. These provide incredible benefits including all year round comfort, self cleaning properties, reduction in energy bills and beautiful visual options to suit any property.

Our Clearview roof glass range includes Blue, Neutral, Aqua, Bronze and Satin Privacy roof glass options. Our Clearview Range, when combined with our high performance low emissivity glass THERMAGLAS, will keep your environment warm in Winter. And now introducing the latest addition to our Clearview range elite blue + making your high performance solar control self cleaning roof glass system future-proof.

These exciting new products now enable any conservatory or orangery owner to personalise their new or existing home improvement with stunning high performance glass, making it a place of complete comfort and relaxation.

Cooler in summer…

All day long exposure to direct sunlight leaves a room susceptible to overheating and stuffiness, creating an unsuitable environment for relaxation. Our technically advanced coating works to combat this heat build up by reflecting solar energy, thus reducing the amount of heat able to pass through the roof glass. It also reduces unwanted glare whilst still allowing the room to remain light and airy giving a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

Warmer in winter…

Energy saving is important, so most of our specialist roof glass products are combined with a high performance Low Emissivity glass, THERMAGLAS. Clear in appearance, this transparent coating reflects (radiated heat) from fires or radiators back into the room whilst at the same time allows free heat and light from the sun (passive solar heat gain) to pass through the glass contributing to the overall energy efficiency of your home. We also fill our roof units with argon gas to further increase the thermal performance and lower the overall ‘U’ value.


Please click here to download a PDF version of our Clearview Conservatory Roof Performance Brochure.

Custom Glass

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