environmentOur Environmental Responsibility 

Custom Glass takes its environmental obligations seriously and actively pursues continuous environmental improvement in order to minimise our impact on the environment.

To this end the Company operates a policy to manage the environmental impact associated with our activities.
We comply with or exceed environmental legislation concerned in our industry and we are constantly monitoring our usage of raw materials, energy and water to ensure we are using them in the most efficient way. We have reduced emissions and the evacuation of waste water, recycling whenever possible.

We have invested in electrical power saving devices in order to ensure maximum use of power and have won an award for energy efficiency to mark our achievements in this direction
All glass waste is recycled and pallets and stillages are repaired on site to gain maximum usage of the same until such point as they are recycled when no longer repairable. The use of Hot Melt Sealant (Butyl Rubber) sourced from a reputable supplier ensures that we have no chemical impact on the environment either from waste or use.

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