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Double & Triple Glazed Units

Double Glazed Units provide additional strength and protection as well as providing Thermal, Acoustic and Solar Control properties. On completion of glass cutting and edge working the bespoke glass panels are automatically washed in the vertical to remove all dirt particles and then the glass is dried. The 2 sheets are then placed on to an automatic  DG Unit line and are separated by an Aluminium or Thermally insulated spacer bar. The spacer bar is made to size and  filled with Dessicant to draw out any moisture and Inert Gases present within the DGU in order to preserve its lifespan. A secondary sealant is applied around the perimeter edge of the spacer bar to further provide extended guarantee to the life time of the DGU as well as allowing for it to be manufactured in the vertical. Finally the Primary sealant is automatically applied around all four sides to Hermetically seal the DGU.

With the recent introduction of increased energy efficient, triple glazed units we have now installed the latest triple glazed sealing robot line to enable us to manufacture these products quickly and of the highest quality. Triple glazed units further support Window Energy Ratings with a reduction in heat loss from the property as well as noise reduction and additional security.

Custom Glass Ltd presents the ‘ULTIMATE’ Double Glazed Unit.

The ultimate 28mm overall double glazed unit has been developed and is now available to alleviate the need for Triple-glazed products that bring with them additional cost and handling implications.

The ‘Ultimate’ unit has been developed for all 28mm framing systems with a specification of 6mm Clear glass – 18mm Gas Cavity – 4mm Ultimate.

The benefits of the ‘ULTIMATE’ double glazed unit in comparison to a triple glazed unit using 3 pieces of 4mm, are:

  • Lighter in weight by 5kgs/m2. Allowing for easier handling and saving on additional costs for more expensive heavy duty door and window furniture.
  • ‘U’ Value of 1.0. The equivalent of a 28mm triple glazed unit using 1 leaf of clear glass and 2 leafs of Soft-coat glass.
  • Offers an improvement in acoustic rating making for a quieter environment within the property
  • More cost effective  – Typically giving up to a 10% saving against a triple glazed unit.
  • Easier to handle and more user friendly than the existing triple glazed equivalent.

Please contact our sales office on 0151 549 1264 or Email: sales at for further information on the ‘ULTIMATE’ double glazed unit.

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