Ritec Easy Clean Coating


Add ClearShield® “non-stick” glass surface protection to your windows!

ClearShield® works on glass like a frying pan – the glass surface becomes “non-stick”, easy to clean and durable, and the protection lasts for many years.

Proven worldwide on all types of glass for over 30 years, ClearShield® glass stays cleaner for longer and requires 50% less routine cleaning on average than untreated glass, so saving on maintenance costs and water and being kinder to the environment. After cleaning the light transmission goes back to its original level and the sparkle of the glass is restored – like having new glass all the time!

ClearShield® acts as a protective barrier for glass, stopping contamination from building run-off, pollution, moisture, alkalinity and dirt from bonding with the glass.

Not every glass product is manufactured to be “self-cleaning”, and for these ClearShield® is the answer, and can be applied as an option for you by Custom Glass.

ClearShield® can also be a more practical option than “self-cleaning” glass in many circumstances, and in general has none of the limitations that the manufacturers of “self-cleaning” glass admit to in their handling guidelines.

Custom Glass, an Approved Supplier of ClearShield®, is therefore happy to offer this unique ”non-stick” glass surface protection as an alternative to “self-cleaning” glass.

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